Friday, 23 February 2007

Sweater is finished at last

Done! And I'm pleased with the fit. It's not too big (a mistake I have made with previous sweaters, which just make me look huge) and not too small. This has been a learning curve, following Elizabeth Zimmermann's non-standard methods. The first time I reached the neck, I tried the sweater on and found it too short. I ripped back all the way to the armholes and reknitted the yoke. I then knitted 6 inches of K2 P2 rib for a turtleneck, but when I bound off I found the edge too tight. I decided to rip back and leave 2 inches of ribbing, then bound off again VERY loosely. The most time-consuming part of ripping back is picking up the @#$% stitches - they tend to be very evasive, especially in rib, as the stitches are all over the place!

If I make another seamless raglan, I would probably not bother with the extra short rows across the back - they seem to make the knitting less smooth at the side where the wraps are. And I would probably make the sleeves a smidgeon longer and the neck a little looser, maybe keeping to 40% of the body stitches as a minimum for the neck opening, as per EZ's percentage system for her yoke sweaters.

I finished this yesterday and immediately cast on for another project (I can't possibly be without something on the needles). I have some Lion Suede from a ripped out sleeveless top that I made from The Knitting Experience - The Purl Stitch (didn't like the fit) so have started a backpack from Melanie Falick's Kids Knitting. This is a book I'd recommend to anyone starting out, not just kids!


Heather said...

" Me 'ead, me 'ead, you've cut off me 'ead!"

Sorry, couldn't help myself, feeling a bit Monty Python-ish when I saw that pic. The sweater turned out great, didn't it. The fit looks just right. Still can't believe you were brave enough to rip so much out but it looks like it was worth it.

Samantha said...

Heather, you are too funny! And when you knit as fast as Nicola, ripping out half a sweater is no big deal ;o)

Nicola, that sweater is gorgeous! You did such a fabulous job.

Andrea said...

Wow! That sweater looks great! I envy your knitting prowess (but not enough to put in the time...hehe)

Nicola said...

Thank you for your kind comments (and Heather's silly one)!!!

Katherine said...

What a beauty! The sweater is so gorgeous, Nicola. Well done!
I'm inspired and might get brave enough (especially if I could get your guidance) to try a sweater.
You should be very pleased, it looks lovely on you.

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