Sunday, 25 March 2007

Food, Glorious Food

I love food (as those who know me already know) so the request for us to post about the delicious vegetarian meals we eat was not only a great idea, but also an excuse to try some new meals! The above, however, is one of our staple meals that we eat every week. Soft tacos!
The first picture is of the pressed taco (you can buy them at stores but they are so easy to make - corn masa and warm water. The press is about $25 but it will last a lifetime). The second picture is the pressed taco frying up (R made me include this shot. He is the taco chef and very proud of his work). The last picture is my dinner! (I tucked the lettuce back in when I picked it up)
We load up our tacos with smooshed black beans, brown rice, salsa, avocado, and lettuce. They are soooo good!!


Katherine said...

Looks very yummy! I want one of those presses - would be way faster than rolling the dough flat with a rolling pin. Where did you get your press?

Heather said...

They look soooo good. Is that your home-made salsa too?

Mary-Sue said...

Oh my my my. We were going to have flour tortillas tonight anyway (I make mine from spelt flour), and it takes SO long to roll out the circles. Where DID you get your press? And where do you find a round cast iron grill like that? Do you heat the smooshed black beans first? Do you cook your own or do they come from a can?
Delish. Can't wait to try! Yum.

Mary-Sue said...

Would you be willing to post your corn taco recipe? Looks sooo good.

Samantha said...

Hi Mary-Sue!
The press was a Christmas gift - it was bought from a Mexican shop in North Vancouver but I'm sure a local kitchen store would have one.
I've had the cast iron pan forever... I think it was from Cdn Tire or Zellers. Sorry, can't remember for sure. A better method would be a big flat pan or cooker thing that people do pancakes on. It is a little time consuming doing only one at a time.
Smooshed beans - I've used them from a can or cooked my own (I cook a bunch and freeze them). We heat them in a pan with water and stir/smoosh them while we cook the tacos. You have to keep adding water though, so they don't dry out. Near the end I add some salsa (yes, it's my homemade salsa)

The corn tacos is a masa flour you can buy in Superstore for $3 and warm water. I'll ask my husband the exact measurements he uses.