Monday, 12 March 2007

A guest blogger...

One of our homelearning friends sent out a wonderful message to our support group, Learners Unlimited, last week, which, with her permission, I am posting here.

To the learners who put up with me every week...and even when I don't come for many weeks, you still put up with me.
Thank you so much for your faithful support. Your warm smiles and chatter around Ann's table two days ago gave me a gift to take home like no other. It was thoughts and ideas, support for teaching my children, love and respect for me as a person.

Thank you,

My thought for the day (inspired by a photo of the children who attended our recent Science Day, taken by Heather):

I've decided there is no such thing as unschooling. Better to call the unschooling movement "perpetualschool" or "perpetualdiscovery". As the name Learners Unlimited suggests, we are hopelessly addicted to learning. To be honest, we should refer to our weekly gatherings as Learners Anonymous, since what we really do is help each other with our hopeless learning addiction....As a matter of fact, my own indulgence sometimes leaves me too intoxicated to get to the support meetings. A sad case to be sure, of a 20 year addiction to home learning with my children.... We as a group have given up high paying jobs, many of our personal goals, sometimes our reputation and often our sanity in order to pass on our wonderful addiction of learning and discovery to our unsuspecting children. A noble cause indeed!

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Anonymous said...

Unschooling may be perpetual-learning, and schooling is perpetual-unlearning. :)

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