Friday, 9 March 2007

More Thrifting

Along with Heather, I am a thrift store enthusiast. As per her request, I'm sharing some of my latest "finds". The latest treasure hunt at the thrift store led me to these fabrics. The two patterns on the left are actually valances that will soon be remade into something else, while the other rather wild prints were yardage neatly wrapped and awaiting their first "life" (I will post the items as I make them).
I love looking for items at the thrift store that I can remake - that's why I grabbed the valances this time around and why I buy up garments for either the lovely fabric they're sewn from or for their buttons (although I do buy things for myself or family members to wear...I'm not always chopping things up).
My whole treasure hunt technique at the thrift stores is basically lead by sighting some fabric that I find interesting. To me, it makes sense and I save cents by looking for fabric at the thrift stores. So many creative possibilities and definitely one of a kind items. Plus when you need to experiment with ideas and designs I would rather pay less for the fabric as I perfect my ideas. The glorious afternoon I spent wandering through the local thrift store stirred my imagination and this time I went home with some "finds" and even left a few behind for another day... unless Heather gets there first....


Heather said...

Ha ha, that is the orange flowered fabric I saw, by the way. Guess we have the same great taste. ;-)
You got some good finds. Can't wait to see what you turn them into. So do all the jeans in there start quaking in fear of being chopped by your merciless scissors when they see you coming? Sometime you will have to give me a lesson on how to tell if it is 100% cotton for quilting fabric. I find it hard to tell with some of those blends.

Samantha said...

Bring a match and light it on fire. That's how you can tell :o)