Thursday, 1 March 2007

Prehistoric Money

After my son asked me if I had used paper dollars, I decided to go into storage and pull out some bills that I had saved years ago. I also found these other Canadian bills, more ancient then the ones I had used in my youth. I believe they were passed down to me from my grandma. Compared to the bills, I find the new coins so dull and uninteresting although I guess they are easier to save.
In knitting news, I'm having to take a break from the earwarmer/headband project as I am having some difficulty making the needles produce what I was envisioning and have had to frog it one too many times. So on my needles goes another pair of socks which I'm hoping come together a little more smoothly then the last.


RJDK said...

Did you and Jesus shop with that money in your youth? Wow, that is ancient. Young folks like me hardly remember such a thing.

Love me

Lisa said...

I haven't seen those around for so long - I live in Canada and would love to buy them off you - if you don't want them!