Friday, 30 March 2007

Textile Junkie Scores at Thrift Store

I was at the thrift store yesterday. I had to go because it was sale day. Now on sale day it's not like everything in the whole store is marked down to $1.49 - that's just the price for adult clothes but I wander through every aisle in my search. Good thing I did this yesterday! In the above photo on the right you see a portion of the completed scrappy quilt top I've sewn and on the left is the fabric I found yesterday while thrifting which is to become the quilt's backing. This bit of goodness to finish my project just happens to be the top sheet for a bedding set. It's in great shape, is 100% cotton and best of has the colourway I've been wanting to go with the scrappy quilt top and all for waaaaaaay less than the yardage would've been at a retail store. Love it!
This is a shot of the men's shirts I've added to my ever growing collection that will be cut up for another quilt top. All except the top two shirts are 100% cotton. The two shirts on the top of the stack contain linen - so I'm thinking of making some bags from them, as I don't care to use them for a quilt. Added bonus is all the buttons I will have from these shirts - the nicest ones are on the red linen shirt. I didn't even pay $1.49 for each of these shirts as some were in the clearance centre for .49 ! You can't even buy the buttons needed to make these shirts for that price retail, let alone the yardage I will have from the shirts.
Here is another fun find from yesterday. Wool sweaters that I want to felt! I have been wanting to find some for quite awhile now, but yesterday the search finally paid off and led me to these... my ideas range from making these into sweater totes or slippers and even the possibility of kitchen hot pads/oven mitts or perhaps a coaster set.

Oh, if you're keeping track, (well, actually it's because Samantha did see me with my thrifted loot yesterday and knows these photos don't add up to the burgeoning collection I had on the front seat of my car...) I will admit to having other finds from yesterday. Some shirts for my sons to wear, a lovely skort and shirt for myself (just so you know I don't cut up everything that I buy at the thrift store) and a huge bag of polyester batting that I will be using for the stuffed dinosaur and stuffed monkeys I'm making as gifts... (still can't believe how cheap that batting was!)
All in all, I couldn't be happier with sale day at the thrift store. Lots of creative sewing on my docket thanks to the above finds making this textile junkie quite pleased.


Heather said...

Wow, you had an excellent day at the thrift store. Hmmmm, K and S's Excellent Thrifting Adventure!! That sheet really is perfect isn't it? I think you have been looking for a back for that quilt for quite a long time, haven't you? Better cut up those shirts before D decides he wants one of them.
I really like the wool sweaters - it will be interesting to see how those patterned ones look when they are felted. Will you show us before you and your scissors go to town on them?
Thanks for showing us all your goodies.

Katherine said...

Thanks for your thrifting support, Heather! I have been searching for the right fabric to back that quilt for quite awhile now and am happy to hear you like the choice I made. Can't wait to finish it!
Yes. You can see the sweaters before I start felting and snipping them into bits. I'm curious to see how the patterned ones felt up as well. Definitely should have before and after felting photos.

Mary-Sue said...

oh DO show us the finished projects! i LOVE this inspiration!!