Thursday, 19 April 2007


Remember those thrifted wool sweaters I showed you a few posts ago?

Here they are again - to show before and after felting. I have been waiting for the sweaters to dry before I start remodelling them...

I discovered that the sweater with all the fancy colour changes and surface embroidery stitching took the longest amount of time to felt and the lovely red cardigan felted up so quick by comparison and yet is taking the longest to dry. (Sorry, I don't have a felted photo to show of the red sweater - it was too wet to put on a hanger).
I was intending to make a tote from the sweater in the top photo, with the bottom hem to be the top edge of the tote. However since felting this sweater I've changed my mind because the hem is all wavy and I don't think this will work as nice for what I envisioned.
Anyways, as you can see, felting the sweaters does soften the colours in ways you have to see to believe. As soon as the sweaters are dry, I want to start cutting into them as I love all the potential here for creativity! I will show you what I come up with in a future post. (Heather will hold me to that promise, don't worry ;o)


Heather said...

Can't wait to see what you make - knowing you it will be pretty amazing. I am surprised by the color change, I have never noticed that in any of the things that I have felted. I like the patterned cardigan best, it almost looks like it would be a nicer fit now that is it felted. Have you already started on something with your thrift finds from Wednesday?

Katherine said...

I am glad the colours changed - well at least in the patterned cardigan. It looks better with the softening blend of colour rather than the starker contrast it seemed to start with. Ha! Not like I would wear it - but it definitely changed sizes (it started out being a 2XL...)
No, I haven't started cutting and sewing up my most recent finds, but they are all washed, dryed and ready to work with!

Mary-Sue said...

wow. cool. can't wait to see the final result!!