Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Knitting night

I love knitting night. Once a month, some keen knitting friends come to my house for some focussed needle-clicking, problem-solving, tea-drinking and yakking.

Last night I finished these...Women's medium size socks knitted in Elann Esprit Print, Fourth of July, on 4mm needles. I made the legs longer than the other socks I have made, but each sock still only took one ball, so I needn't have bought three.

After grafting the toe and darning in the ends on the second sock, I went back to my Pi Shawl...
From the centre to the needles, it's about 13 inches. This shawl is based on a mathematical principle, so you don't need a pattern - you just double the rounds between each round of doubling stitches. The section I'm working on needs 48 rounds, then I will be doing a "yarn over, knit one" round again to double the stitches to 576. At that point, the mindless endless knitting in the round will almost be done and I will be able to change direction and add an edging.

I was originally thinking of sending this to my mum, though her birthday is now long past, and it's not a very exciting colour. I'm thinking it would make a good baby shawl, especially as it's not too lacy and won't catch little fingers.

Knit on!

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Katherine said...

Loved knitting nite, Nicola. Thanks for always hosting such a fun evening and for helping me sort out my knitting boo-boos.
Of course, I must say I always love to see your knitted projects. You're amazing!