Tuesday, 24 April 2007

A little garden tour

Keeping with the garden theme, I thought I would share some of the flowers that are up in my garden. I don't know the name of the above plant (any idea Heather??) but it's a nice cheery plant to see after the long, cold winter we had.

I believe these are called Viola (or Johnny Jump Ups). I love them because they are one of the first flowers up and they stay flowering (and spreading themselves like wild!) until late fall. They are very hardy which is perfect for me.

Another Viola - they come in such pretty colours and pop up even if you forget to weed your garden.

Fritillaria from Heather. So pretty!!! (Message to my husband in Siberia: look in the background to see height of new cedars. Also notice wheelbarrow that hardworking wife has been using - even with it's flat tire)

This was originally going to be a shot of my lovely tulips but then I noticed the spider on the middle flower (not sure what kind but I'm sure Katherine will let me know). I quickly took the picture before it had time to leap and attack. I'm thinking of applying to assist David Attenborough...


Heather said...

Very pretty, Samantha. I call it Euphorbia, but then you know how I am with names. ;-)

Nicola said...

Weird looking spider! Yes, Katherine can consult her resident spider expert for its name!

Katherine said...

Lovely flowers, Samantha! All your hard work in your yard is certainly paying off, so give yourself a pat on the back. Two green thumbs up ;o)

My resident spider expert says your little arachnid is known as a Goldenrod spider; which happens to be G's favourite.

Mary-Sue said...

beautiful! i'm moved to get outside with my camera on the next sunny day after being so inspired by the gorgeous garden photos on this blog!

RJDK said...

I wish I was there to help you my dear. Soon enough we will be frolicking ang laughing together in the yard.

Love me