Monday, 16 April 2007


Last night W (eldest son) and I watched Mclibel. What an interesting film. Of course I had heard about Helen Steel and Dave Morris and their fight against McDonalds. At the time I thought it ridiculous that a huge corporation would take two people to court, it seemed to me that a company would be hard-pressed to come up with a more effective way to create bad press. This documentary goes into detail about their two and a half year fight to defend themselves against McDonalds. It is an amazing David and Goliath story, I think, and one that I am glad my son has seen. I very much want my children to grow up knowing that they can make a difference - that one person can make a difference if they are determined enough. I want them to know that we can all do things, change things, make things better in some way...that we don't have to put up with injustice.

One of the ways that Dave and Helen garnered support for their cause was with this website. I highly recommend watching this film, there are a few moments of disturbing (to me) pictures of animal treatment - these kinds of pictures were gathered to prove to the court how badly animals are treated, but I think it is good for family viewing with older children.

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Mary-Sue said...

We watched it too and LOVED it. I think it aired on CBC a few years ago! Thanks for the reminder.