Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Another do-it-yourself dinner

This type of meal always goes down well in our house because everyone can pick their favourite things and leave what they don't like. The tortillas are home-made with spelt flour - we filled them with guacamole, home-made bean dip, tomatoes, salsa, olives, onions, lettuce and cucumber.

I prefer the spelt to wholewheat as it makes a thinner lighter tortilla. We used to buy commercial tortillas but it has become difficult to find any that are just simple vegan ingredients - when I see mono- and diglycerides on the packet, or anything else with a questionable source, it puts me off. Mine are just flour, baking powder, salt and water and are cooked in an ungreased pan so they're completely fat free.


Mary-Sue said...

Yum. This is one of our favourite meals too. I tried using brown spelt one time and every tortilla cracked and fell apart in our laps. So I've gone back to using mostly white spelt with a little brown thrown in. I buy my white spelt from Roger's but I think it's grown in Saskatchewan. Would love someone local to grind me some white! Do you have a good source for local spelt?

Nicola said...

I bought my spelt flour from Nature's Fare in Kelowna...I think the last time I bought a "light" one but this time was whole grain and it wasn't at all crumbly. The tortillas held together perfectly.