Thursday, 24 May 2007

From B.C or not B.C...that is the question.

Here is something that bugs me. ( I know, I know, the list is long but I'm just going to mention one thing)

When I see this logo I assume that it means the item was grown in a B.C greenhouse. But, this is not necessarily so. Three weeks ago I was taking the sticker off the cucumber I had purchased and noticed that beneath the BC Hot House line it said Produce of Mexico. How can that be, I thought, it is a BC Hot House product. I didn't get a chance to look into it and then when I was at the lake last week my mom gave me a copy of this article. It is a short article and worth the time to read it. During the winter months of B.C, when there is not enough light to grow the cukes and tomatoes here, they are brought in from Mexico. To me it is just another example of how on-the-ball consumers have to be. Companies know that we don't always have time to read every bit of information on a package and actually there isn't room on every item to give all the product information, so we have come to rely on easily identifiable logos to tell us what we need.

We see all kinds or different logos and we think we know what they mean. But do we? Do we know what they mean or is there a false sense of trust that we put into companies, are we foolish to take things at face value? I find this frustrating because when people want to "do right" in purchasing their food, I would like it to be easy for us to do so. I don't want to have to be second guessing all the time. Grrrr!!


Nicola said...

No, I don't think we can trust companies to tell us everything if it means we might not buy their product. That really annoys me about the produce coming from Mexico because if there is a choice in the grocery store between a cucumber grown in Mexico and a cucumber grown in BC, I'll choose the BC one. My hope is that Canadians spray less crap on their fruits and vegetables (maybe I'm deluding myself here). I also think that if the stuff hasn't had to cross two borders, where it has likely been sprayed even more to prevent bugs being transported around the continent, then I'll be getting a superior product. Oh well!

Katherine said...

I've had the same experience recently, Heather. I too, missed the small print saying it was from Mexico. I bought the product due to seeing the BC hothouse sticker and didn't see the other until I got home. Grrrrrrr.... I find this very frustrating and annoying.