Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Happy birthday Anne

What a great afternoon! I wish I had remembered my camera. Surrounded by friends, kids having fun, celebrating a birthday....not mine, Anne's...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE.

Wednesdays are homeschool support group days. It's been (I think) 8 years since the group started up, so some of us have known each other for a long time and watched each other's kids grow up. Many have come and gone, some have come and stayed.

Today the thermometer hit 28 degrees and we sat on blankets in the hazy sun until we got too hot and moved into the shade of a tree. The children rode their bikes on the BMX track and chugged gallons of water.

We four bloggers and Anne are a tightly knit group (pun intended) who don't just wait for Wednesdays to meet. We have girls nights where we knit or walk or watch movies or drink margaritas (that's at Heather's) and debate very important matters (Alan Rickman versus Colin Firth, for example).

Today, we enjoyed lemon cookies and chocolate cake while Anne opened her birthday gifts. I won't divulge how many candles should be on her cake!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Nicola. It was a beautiful day. I'm so glad to know you all. I don't mind if you tell everybody there were 29 candles on the cake.