Monday, 28 May 2007

Just in time for summer

I have finally completed my very own pair of felted clogs. Here is the before picture:

And the after picture:

I was very excited to have a pair of my very own slippers, but alas, it was not meant to be. They are too small for me and my son has claimed them as his (they are too big for him but his feet are growing and mine are not shrinking...) So back to my stash I go, to pick out some colours for another pair of clogs and cross my fingers that this time they will stay mine.


Heather said...

oh, no!!! Can't you try getting them wet and stretching them? What a shame. They look awfully nice, anyway. Did you make the women's M?

Mary-Sue said...

oh they're BEAUTIFUL! good for you! this gave me such a good memory giggle... the first time i tried felting i made slippers too, for my mum. the first pair came out way too small, and i found a good home for them. the second pair came out WAY TOO BIG. she and i boiled and boiled them but they just wouldn't shrink down any further. she was SO cute she insisted on wearing them anyway and she looked like an elephant with these great grey sloppy slippers on her feet. hee! thanks for the memory. good luck on the next pair! hope you don't have the goldilocks experience like i did (altho i never did try for that magical third pair...)

Nicola said...

At least you have 3 - 4months to knit another pair before the cooler weather drives you back into slippers! Knit on!!