Tuesday, 8 May 2007

More socks

One of the benefits of long bus trips is the amount of knitting one can achieve! I had already knitted one sock before the weekend - I knitted half of the second one on the way to Prince George and the other half on the way back! Of course, the knitting was interrupted by snacks, stops, movies and conversation, otherwise I would have done even more.

This is elann esprit, colourway Brazilia.


Katherine said...

So, that's what it will take for me to finish my second sock... a long bus trip!

Lovely socks, Nicola. Hmmm... with that colourway you could have had some chocolate alongside in the photo - you know the way Knitting Iris puts her yarn with similar coloured things... don't you think of chocolate when you see the colour of this sock yarn?

Heather said...

I think of chocolate when I see anything....is that bad?

Nicola said...

I was thinking of chocolate AND coffee - these socks would have made a lovely gift for someone along with something of that ilk, but too bad - these are for me!