Friday, 22 June 2007

Bread and Knitting - two of the staples of life!

I made my usual bread recipe today - a quadruple quantity - and K and S helped me measure and mix. After the initial kneading, I divided it up, giving them a quarter each to shape. My two quarters became the above two loaves of bread....the rest now looks like this....

You could call this environmentally friendly playdough - no plastics offgassing here! This is a selection of bread "rolls" that you will never find at a commercial bakery! There are bagels, a candy cane, a snowman, knots, several unusual and unidentifiable shapes and, the favourite, dog poo! I'm sure they'll taste great.

Here's my finished shawl made from three skeins of James C Brett Marble. I just kept going until it was nearly all used up. Now I'd like to find a shawl pin to go with it, either new or thrifted, and send it to my mum. The next decision will be whether to send it airmail or surface - one week and lots of money, six weeks and a lot less money! She won't need it yet, but I get nervous when the things that I mail are tied up in the system for a long time.


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi, Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!!

Love the bread "rolls". LOL

Oh, and we have raspberries, too. I'm not quite ambitious enough for jam making, but I can make a mean banana/raspberry smoothie. :)


ipsa said...

Hi Nicola - is that a "vegan" bread recipe? Care to share?

Looks yummy. The shawl, too.

Nicola said...

Hi Rebecca - I posted my bread recipe in a previous entry - check the posts labelled "food".

Anonymous said...

Now that put a smile on my face! Who gets the poo one?