Monday, 18 June 2007


I have borrowed the Ecoholic book from the library - I think Heather may have posted about it before - and the first chapter is about beauty products. Well, I only got to page 7 and I was already checking my shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer for their ingredients. I thought I was doing OK, buying them from the health food store, but I am disappointed to say that they have parabens in them. Apparently these are estrogenic; considering I am currently avoiding eating soy because of its estrogenic properties (so as not to encourage my ovarian cyst) I don't think I should be using products on my skin with these chemicals in them either.

I have just visited Nature's Gate's website and have emailed them to ask them why they are putting these ingredients into their products and whether they have any plans to remove them.

This issue is just another confirmation, if I needed one, that the multi-million dollar industry that is cancer research is a load of crap.......because all the wealthy companies out there who are manufacturing these chemicals, and all the people who are putting those dangerous chemicals into products that we put on our skin, know exactly what's making people sick. No research required.

Let's see - who's benefiting here? The chemical producers, the product manufacturers, the oncologists, the companies that make chemotherapy drugs and radiation machines, the researchers........all are becoming obscenely wealthy as long as people are sick. It's time to ignore the commercials on TV that tell us we have to use certain products to be happy, get some common sense, and think about what's going in or on our bodies. If a product isn't selling, it'll be discontinued.


Andrea said...

I use Curelle (made in Vancouver), Prairie Naturals and Kiss My Face for this very reason. Although I only use conditioner so I am not sure about the shampoo. Except for Curelle, I know their shampoo has no parabens in it either. I buy it for my kids.

Katherine said...

Here's a site with some great all natural hair/skin/bodycare products. No parabens in their products!

Anonymous said...

I am with you on this Nicola. This is a big frustration for me too. I made a controversial decision a while ago that I would not support cancer-fighting charities. Right now I don't see that we are moving forward in society. We are causing illness then treating it, just to cause again and treat it again. Until there is some further thougth into prevention and some rules about carcinogen use in products...I don't support the system.

Heather said...

Maybe we need to have a soap-making and shampoo making get-together. We could all bring our stuff and make it together, refill our old jars or bottles and have enough for 6 months. :-)

Samantha said...

I liked this book so much I coughed up the 12 bucks and bought it rather then try to write down all the websites/products/interesting facts. It will become my new coffee table book for guests to look through.

My hair is very, very picky about which shampoos I use but I have found success with Giovani (may have spelt that wrong) and Kiss my Face conditioner (just because I love the smell so much!!)

Anonymous said...

I am with you! I just emailed Kiehl's to let them know what their products are doing to us and the environment! it's time these companies act up and stop putting these harmful chemicals into the everyday products we use!