Friday, 8 June 2007

Yummy yarn

I treated myself to some new yarn today from my local yarn store. The three skeins at the back are James C Brett "Marble", the same yarn that I used to knit my seamless raglan sweater a few months ago but in a different colourway. I love this stuff and I'd like to knit something in every colour they stock!

I bought five balls of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, just because I love the colours and I want to try it out. I took a look at the Mission Falls pattern books but didn't buy any - I was just looking for inspiration.

I don't know what I'll be knitting with either of these yarns - maybe a shawl for my mum or myself with the Marble, maybe a cabled scarf with the cotton.

Driving home in rush-hour traffic didn't bother me today - all I had to do while stopped was reach over and fondle my yarn and all my cares went out the window!!!


Katherine said...

Ohhh, so pretty! Which yarn store did you get these at? I'm really liking the rich colours in the cotton especially....

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that as drivers we have to look out for all the people talking on their cell phones. Now we have to look out for yarn fondlers?