Tuesday, 10 July 2007

More flowers.

Since it is too hot to garden in the afternoons I figured I would take some pictures instead (much nicer than weeding).
I especially love these Hydrangeas. They just look so fresh, cool and clean.
These are my first carrot thinnings for this year. I put them down to take a picture and the dog that I am looking after almost got them. Gotta be quick to get first dibs on fruits and veggies around here, if I'm not trying to beat E to them then it seems I have to fight the dogs for them. My raw-fed dog quite often helps himself to raspberries and strawberries from our patch, and if he could just figure out how to open pea pods himself then I think he would have gotten all those too.
I received some garlic scapes,they were passed onto me by my mom, she got them from the man we get garlic from. He grows amazing garlic and if you don't get your order in early you are out of luck. He sells out fast. Anyway, garlic scapes are a new favourite and just one more reason why, no matter how sick I am of gardening and preserving by October, I must make myself plant garlic this fall. I tried using some of the scapes in this soup with yellow zucchini from my garden and it was delicious, so good, in fact, that I ate three bowls of it before my husband got home. ;-)While I don't drink their coffee usually I don't object when my husband brings home their left over grounds for my compost and blueberries. I think it is a great idea to offer waste from restaurants and shops to customers to be composted. (there see, I can say some positive things about corporations)

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Katherine said...

Everything looks so good... from the flowers to the carrots and your soup. Can I live at your house?