Tuesday, 31 July 2007

More gardening.

The boys and I spent most of the last four days at home or at the local beach. I got lots done in the garden this weekend. Here are some pics of flowers that I love. Here is a pic of just one of the watermelons that E is growing. I have never been able to grow these well but his seem to be doing just fine.

One night Samantha's family had dinner with us. This Disappearing Zucchini orzo seemed to go down well, Samantha ate quite a few bowl of it. ;-)

And what was my husband doing while we were at home working on the yard? He was hanging out here with these guys. So I ended up tearing out more grass on the side of the house...he really should know better than to leave me at home by myself with no one to try to talk me out of my "bright ideas". :-O Although I did restrain myself from ripping out our manky old bedroom carpet so I thought I did quite well really.


Katherine said...

Great photos Heather!
Knowing you, S is lucky that the only project you got into while he was away was ripping out more lawn! I'm sure it crossed your mind to rip out the bedroom carpet while he was away. Hmmmm. Maybe that's why you were inviting girlfriends over on the weekend. Partners in crime???

Samantha said...

Shoot!! We totally could have had that carpet ripped out Sunday night - of course it would have interfered with all my eating. Thanks for not mentioning that I ate chips and salsa after stuffing myself on your orzo :)