Thursday, 12 July 2007

Summer Sewing

I've been hitting the stash during our recent heatwave. Here are the results. First a very simple summer top. I think it will be quite comfortable and keep me cool. Best part? The whole thing cost less than $2 to make. The pattern, fabrics and the self-cover buttons came from thrift store visits.

Next up is an attempt at adding some more fitted styles into my wardrobe. (I'm trying to be braver with this...) Other than tweaking some fitting issues I have and finishing the hem, it's about ready to wear (when I'm feeling brave ;o)

I am loving the whole backless bit about summer tops and dresses this year. I find them much cooler to wear.
Oh! Special thanks to my 12 year son for his willingness to be my photographer. When I told him I didn't want my face in the photos he was quite happy, "You mean I get to cut your head off? Cool." (This was likely the only appealing part of his taking "fashion photos".)


Nicola said...

Lovely dress, Katherine - you have a bod worth showing off!

Heather said...

Looks lovely, as do you...even headless...although, of course, you are much lovelier with a head. ;-(
Hard to see the back of the dress but have you got some ruching going on there? Looks like you've got the fit just right. I love the colour too that will be great on you.

Katherine said...

Thanks for the compliments, Nicola and Heather. Oh dear, ruching in the back? That's not part of the design. Hmmm. The fitting bit I was concerned about was in the front... now I'm wondering about the back!