Thursday, 16 August 2007

Amazed and Feeling very Loved

I'm amazed. Yesterday just proves how much my girlfriends listen to me and know me and shower me with thoughtfulness, generosity and love. Left me breathless. Really. So I have to thank them again and also show you what I mean. Knowing that my birthday is tomorrow and that they would get to see me at the weekly park day, they arrived laden with gifts.

The first surprise of the day was from Dianne. Dianne has known me long before we started homeschooling. We actually met at the public school where my oldest son started Kindergarten and the children she was caring for attended. Dianne has been the one positive out of the whole experience we had with public schooling. Anyways, my dear friend dyed and handknit this beautiful tea cozy for me. Oh, how I will be using this and it means so much that she made this just for me!

The wonders continue with Nicola's gift containing 3 of my favourite things.... chocolate (really yummy dark organic chocolate....), a book (a knitting book, no less!) and some lovely fabric. Oh yeah, this woman knows me!

The goodness goes on with Samantha's gift. Oh, happy day! Chocolate, a beeswax candle (oh, how I loooooove candles) and a gift certificate to Michaels'. Oh, yeah! Doing a happy dance.... To make this extra special, I'm going to plan the Michaels' shopping adventure with her ( it's called maximizing the gift ;o) Get your coupon ready and wear some comfy shoes, Samantha! We're going shopping!

Now, Heather's gift is pictured below with everyone else's as I was trying to give you the scope of the bounty I received. Heather is our Queen of Thrifting and her gift leaves no doubt as to why she wears the crown. Whoa! She spent months gathering thrifted goodies for me. All things dear to my avid interest in sewing and creating.... fabric, notions, patterns, handles for a bag (I'm dreaming up the design I will make...) then she even gives me a coveted jar of her delish Dill Pickles and yes, she includes chocolate as well ( because well, um.... Queen of Chocolate is one of the other crowns she wears).
You really need to click on this photo to see everything enlarged for easier viewing. When I got home from the park last evening after a wonderful afternoon of being spoiled... I had my presents spread out all over the floor ( yes, I am rather childish ;o) so I could bask in the amazing knowledge of how much my girlfriends love me. There's no way they could have given me such thoughtful gifts without really knowing me so well and that means that they have been listening and learning who I am and what I like. I feel very, very loved and oh-so continually amazed by the wonderful women in my life. Thanking just doesn't seem enough.


Nicola said...

Well, there's an idea for Heather's next gift - a crown - cos she's the queen of thrifting, chocolate, slapdashery, canning and probably a few other things too!!!

Have a great day tomorrow Katherine.

Heather said...

Ok, you can just go ahead and call me Her Royal Majesty then, I'm alright with that.

Samantha said...

Teapot cosy? I thought that was a hat ;o)

Katherine said...

Well, in my opinion, crowns should be given to each of you lovely ladies. Dear Heather is just rubbing in the fact that her initials are actually HRM, but I think Samantha and I had a funnier name for her than Her Royal Majesty ;o)

Fantastic Five said...

Happy Birthday, my friend! Hope today is lovely! Enjoy the sun and relax!