Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Boys, bananas and two kinds of sunshine

What are four boys to do when it is too hot and sunny to play out in the heat for long? Set up a blanket in a shady spot, under the walnut tree, and draw comics. (with periodic breaks for light saber battles, of course). Two of Nicola's boy came over yesterday and while they all played, I finished making this I think it should be called sunshine in a jar and so have just labeled the jars as Sunshine. It is actually an apricot/pineapple marmalade and it really is delicious. ( that is especially meaningful as I am not an apricot jam fan and grew up loathing marmalade, but somehow love this recipe of Nicola's) My dad (who will get this as a gift) doesn't particularly like pineapple but he also really likes this jam.We did some baking in the morning to take camping. I had bought bags of overripe bananas and decided to make our favourite muffin recipe. Can you tell by the looks of the recipe that it is well-loved? It has things crossed out and writing on it, muck dribbled on it and has even been singed on the edges. The muffins are very good and naturally sweet, we all like them. The recipe can easily be used for cake as well and is good with the addition of chocolate chips.

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Katherine said...

Oh, I love the marmalade recipe from Nicola! I never liked marmalade until I tried hers - it's sooooooo yummmy! Looks like you made lots for gift giving, huh? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge...)