Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Garden Update

The garden was busy while we were gone.
E is very happy with his watermelons.
Beans, beans and more beans.
A very industrious eggplant plant.
The squash decided that it wanted to outdo the beans and so is growing up the bean poles as fast as it can. Showoff!

The peach tree is loaded. Fresh peaches, peach smoothie, peach fruit freeze, peach platz, peach butter for winter waffles.....
As you can see by the pic of the peach butter my rock backsplash is still not done. I guess since it appears that Mike Holmes will not be showing up in all his tank-topped glory to finish our kitchen (another dream dashed, sniff, sniff), I will have to spend a little more time at home and get to it.
One of the pumpkins is almost ready.And of course zuchinni. Zuchinni soup, zuchinni Italian pie, zuchinni smoothie....just kidding.

And, since I made two of the zucchini pies last night I don't have to cook dinner tonight. Lovely!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What tasty looking bounty.