Thursday, 30 August 2007

Good Books

Tuesday we went to the library and for the first time all summer, we were able to load up on books because we knew we would be home for awhile. I have had to suffer much teasing from our librarian for not fulfilling my duty of keeping their circulation up. ;-)
W picked up The Big Book of Boy Stuff and really enjoyed it. It is filled with all kinds of interesting, fun and silly information. His brother and I kept stealing it whenever he put it down for a minute so that we could read it too. He finished last night so it looks like I will get a turn now. Last night W showed me a page at the end of the book on video games. We had a good laugh at this bit, "These games are created by little men sitting in little cubicles inside of big office buildings. The goal of these men is to rob you of your imagination and your money. If they can get you addicted to a joystick, they will. Once you are the slave of the TV screen or computer monitor, the little men are happy." While I know that is not a really popular view with most people, it tickles, and pleases, me immensely. At any rate, it seems to be a hilariously entertaining book and W recommends it highly.

Awhile ago I had asked our library to purchase the book Benji Beansprout Doesn't Eat Meat and we also picked that up. E enjoyed reading it to me and W also enjoyed it. E has been working his way through Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. He did a lot of reading while we were driving last week and he finished it on Tuesday. He is quite pleased with himself and has said that it is even better than Danny the Champion of the World, his favourite until now. Every once in a while we would hear, "This is a really good book" or "Guess what page I'm on now" or "I only have 43 pages left now". He thought he might take a break and read something a bit easier for a while but I notice that he has already started Chamber of Secrets. Oh, how I look forward to quiet Winter afternoons of tea and reading.

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