Thursday, 2 August 2007

Just couldn't wait.

So, it turns out that when it comes to apples I am as impatient as my youngest son.(not really, he has been eating any that have fallen off the tree for the last two months, no matter how tart)
I was checking the trees again this morning for any sign of coddling moth and saw this big apple near the top of the tree, seems to me it was calling my name. So, yes, I picked it and I ate it. It was delicious and I don't regret picking it a month early even one little bit. I must say that I have actually waited years for this apple, for the last three years I have had to strip them, for two years before that E, a toddler, would pick them all off when they were little green sour balls. You can hardly blame me for not waiting one more month to test them, no one can be that patient, can they? I will let the rest of the finish maturing in peace now.

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