Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Sew Blue Monday

A little while back I posted some photos of my experimental bits of embroidering. Yesterday as I was showing my ideas to Jacqueline, the project to suit the use of my first bit of embroidery came together. Here are photos of the result.

I am loving how the fabrics work with each other and as you can see I also had some fun with freehand quilting. Yes, I wrote my name on this little organizer, I couldn't resist all those lovely blue fabrics!

Now to show you the other project I got to working on yesterday...
Here is my source of fabric : a thrifted Ralph Lauren 100% linen shirt.

The next photo is a close-up to show you the lovely open stitchwork along the button placket on the shirt's front.
Here is my work in progress... I've incorporated the button placket into my project purely because of those fancy stitches. Any guesses as to what this item is going to be used for? (Jacqueline knows what I'm making as I showed her my ideas yesterday... but she's going to keep it a secret... let's just say that this item will come in handy for anyone who sews ;o)
I'll post photos of this project when complete and hope to have more finished items to show as I already know what I'm making from the remains of the linen shirt.
*Thanks to Roxanne for another "perfect for my project" zipper which I received from her blog giveaway.
**Thanks to Linda for two of the pretty blue prints I used in the little quilted bag - they were fabrics I won when she had a giveaway on her blog.
*** Thanks to Heather for the fabrics she thrifted and gave to me for my birthday.
Hmmmmmm.... all this giving certainly has me thinking of "paying it forward"... Anyone else out there that likes giveaways????


Nicola said...

So am I to understand that one of these items may get tucked into a blog giveaway box in September? Someone else will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labours!

Heather said...

So pretty! No doubt you put your name on it right away, that is far too nice to give away since it has all those blues that you love. All the things you make are so beautiful, I don't know how you can part with them, actually.

Fantastic Five said...

Very nice bag! The embroidery makes it come to life. Your free-hand machine writing is truly lovely! I may need to get lessons from you on how to make those little bags again. It has been awhile. Glad you put it up.

Roxanne said...

Gorgeous little bag!! So glad the zippers have gone to such a good home! I think you've used more than I have! Better get sewing!