Thursday, 9 August 2007

Yardwork in progress

Last week was devoted to making this side of our house a little more user friendly. I must admit that this photo was taken in 2004 and I could not find a more recent photo of what was known as 'The Side We Do Not Speak Of'. It had become a bit of a yard waste dumping ground and the last priority to get weeded.

R was lucky to have an eager young apprentice to assist him.

L quickly mastered the drill, as well as being a huge help with the banging in of the stakes and the moving of the dirt (all while rescuing many worms and relocating them to our compost)

Here is the almost complete stairs/ramp. It's not yet finished but it's where the excess dirt from our next yard projects will end up to fill in the stairs and finish the ramp. The sunflowers will stay there until I can collect the seeds to plant somewhere else next year.

Over the years, I've come to learn that everything can't be done at once and that the yard is a work in progress that will never quite be completed. I have been looking at all the projects we want to do and feeling overwhelmed - and feeling like we will never get them done! But while I was looking for the before picture of TSWDNSO, I realized just how much our yard has changed (mostly for the better) in the past 4 years. I realized it all takes time and I need to stop and enjoy my yard the way it is now, and not continually be looking at what needs to be done.


RJDK said...

Sounds like you are admitting that I actually do something. That is crazy talk.

Love me

Anonymous said...

Pictures tell us things we forget, which is a lovely thing!

I think I'll invite L for a visit next summer, he looks like a mover and a shaker!

I also relocate worms and spiders and anything else I can, good work L!

You are so right Samantha, we all forget to stop and enjoy, but when we remember to, it feels so good, so very very good!


Heather said...

Love L's "work" boots. ;-)
Looks great! Now, have I got some flowers for you. (so you can fill up that side bit, you know) Is that where you wanted the tall plants for?

Pamela K said...

We too have a SWDNSO, the hard part is that it is right in the middle of our back yard. I too used to get frustrated with slow progress and "five year plans" which meant really slow progress. Now I can blurr out that blot in our landscape and wander about the gardens that are completed. I look at the flowers blooming on plants given by friends and family and I take the time to think about them each time I am in their section of my garden. Landscaping seems to be an ongoing project with us, but we really do enjoy the process and then ultimately the completion. Its fun to see the transformation year after year.