Sunday, 2 September 2007

A Corny Post

Since my two freezers are already full and we haven't even come close to preserving all of our garden produce and haven't even started with our other plum tree, we decided to get another freezer. S found a second-hand one and brought it home yesterday then we went to a friend's to pick a whole lot of free corn. Once home I blanched it, cut it off the cob and froze it in 3 cup packages. We also froze a dozen on the cob, just left them with the husk on and put them in a bag in the freezer, we have heard that this works fine. This corn is delicious, it likely helps that we are eating it only hours after it is picked. I made some for the boys to eat and I had one or three cobs myself ( really, it is very important to sample for um...taste and uh, doneness, yeah...that's it, before preserving these things). I have another couple dozen to eat or make into something today. Corn chowder, maybe?
I like to always freeze packages flat on a cookie sheet first so that they stack nicely in the freezer and so that I can fit more in. With three freezers I think I should be able to have almost all of our food on hand this year.
I also couldn't resist stopping at a field and picking a bunch of their Romas. My friends are thinking I am even more crazy than they usually do because they know that I have about 70 tomato plants of my own but I needed these tomatoes. :-) My peaches are very ripe and the timing is perfect to make my tomato peach salsa ( this is a favourite with everyone I make it for) however, I don't have enough of my own ripe tomatoes yet. I picked about 20 pounds and will make a massive batch of salsa today that will be tucked away in the cold room to give as gifts throughout the year. The first few jars will be going to the people we got the corn from as they love it too.

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Katherine said...

Wow! You must have your neighbourhood drooling with the wonderful scents eminating from your kitchen.... mmmmm.... homemade peach salsa....