Tuesday, 25 September 2007


We logged some "creativity" time today. I finished my dad's socks - they seemed to take ages, but as usual the last bit goes fast and then they're done.

(Caroline, if you're reading this, don't show this to dad because they are supposed to be a surprise!)

See that little ball on the left? That's what was left over from the 50 gram ball of Cascade Fixation after finishing the first sock. And the tail coming off the right sock? That's how close I was to the end when I knitted the last stitch on the second sock. Just enough to graft the toe.

Unfortunately, after I took this photo, I realised that I had forgotten to use the nylon reinforcing thread on that toe and I had to rip it back to the beginning of the decreasing and redo it! Aaaagh!!

Even though these aren't for me, I put them on anyway. They are a little loose and I think they'll fit dad okay.

One of the items on the boys' learning plans for this year is to learn more about the Celts. We had a BBC documentary from the library about them and it sparked an interest. (No, of course I wasn't at all swayed by all those lovely Celtic knotwork knitting patterns.) I did a search of the Okanagan library system and came up with 221 hits for "Celtic"! I put a bunch of them on hold and they have started to arrive. This week we have books about the Book of Kells and other samples of Celtic artwork.

Today's project was therefore to create an illuminated letter and here's what we did...
I had a lot of fun with mine, though I can't imagine making a whole book this way! It took me an hour to do my letter, though I was so absorbed I didn't notice the time pass.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicola,
I was just at the library picking up my many books on hold and noticed your name on just about the same sized pile LOL!
Looking forward to knit night and finally meeting you gals.

Amanda Jean said...

wow...just enough yarn to finish the socks! that is so close, I would have been extremely nervous!