Thursday, 6 September 2007


Light the corners of my mind
Misty water-coloured memories
Of the way we were

In the midst of my monthly cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering frenzy, I came upon a box. Inside this box contained old photo albums and a smaller box containing the "scary" photos. I'm talking about the kind of photos where you get to see your old hairstyles and your 80s clothes and wonder what you were thinking!

If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would we? Could we?

This brings me to my other discovery - the photos of the ex-boyfriends. After discussing this matter with friends, I have decided that it is time to say good-bye to the bizarre photos of passed out ex's and 'mooning' strangers. I do, however, have a problem with one particular ex who I'll nickname BM (BM standing for Big Mistake, not bowel movement - although that would be fitting as he really was a turd and I will forever be thankful that I chose to say buh-bye when I did)

You see, BM was a part of my life (therefore in a lot of my photos) for about 4 years and to destroy 4 years worth of memories seems a bit sad really. I could cut him out of the photos but it was pointed out to me that anytime I saw the photo, I would remember who else used to be in that picture. And ridding myself of all memories including the dreadful BM would mean destroying videos of my trip to Ireland... not that I ever watch the videos because it is tainted by his evil presence.

Anyone care to comment about what they have done with their photos with ex's? Anyone care to have a bonfire?

Apologies to Barbra but I just couldn't publish this post with American spelling. I'm sure she understands...


Heather said...

Steisand is worth quoting but you're not O.K with Elvis??? Now I'm confused!! Don't get me wrong, I actually like Barbra (especially in the album Guilty with Barry Gibb, now there's a man who can do facial hair) but if you don't like all my oldies how can you like her?

Re the photos, I would keep them. It isn't like they cause you to feel any regret or angst, you are totally at ease and happy with where you are and who you are with. If they have memories of your past, then they are often fun to look back on and smile at.(and be glad you made it through) After all, your past got you to where you are and that looks pretty good to me. :-)
But that's just my big opinion and you know I gots a lot of 'em.

Nicola said...

I only have pics of one ex and I was with him for 6 whole years which seemed like a long time - but like you, I loved (most of) my 6 months in Greece and I don't want to destroy the photos. What I want to know is...why didn't you include a photo of one of these scary pictures of you with 80s hair in your post???

Samantha said...

You can quote Elvis all you like Heather :) And I often think that all my earlier mistakes have lead me to where I am now (like I never would have been in this city if it wasn't for nasty BM) and where I am now is pretty darn great.

Nicola, unfortunately I was too young in the early 80s to have the big hair - just bad 80s outfits with stringy hair (it's like I had never heard of a comb!)

Anonymous said...

When I started to read this blog, I wondered which of the gals had written it. I like to play a game when I read the blogs to see if I can identify Samantha's (being her mom and all). As soon as I read BM, I thought, hmmm, wonder if it could the BM I remembered. IT WAS! Cut his head out! Color it black! He caused me so much grey hair and gave me sleepless nights!

Actually hang on to them, when you are 80, you won't remember him anyway!

Heather said...

Now I see where Samantha gets her excellent sense of humour. Off with his head! I like the way Momma thinks. I think we all play that game too where we try to figure out who is posting when we are reading the post. At first I thought this one was Katherine because I NEVER thought Samantha would know (or admit to knowing) Streisand songs. :-)

Samantha said...

Heather, you are too funny! I have to admit that I heard the song on Sex and the City and through the power of google I was able to find the lyrics.

Sorry for the grey's mom!

ipsa said...


I love this comment thread.

I say leave the turd with his head on. If you cut him out, then everyone will want to know why. If he stays then you can just say, "oh, it's just some guy I used to know who happens to be in 4 years of pictures". Heh.

My husband's ex is also my ex-bestfriend*. That gets kind of tricky, too, as none of that ended well. We've just disposed of any of only her and kept the ones that we liked (where she is just one aspect of the scenery).

*This is a Melrose Place sort of tale that will only shared after being plied with many glasses of a fine organic wine. Chocolate may speed the disclosure process.

Heather said...

O.K. I just checked and I do have wine in the cupboard. As always I have plenty of chocolate on hand (Green & Black's and Cocoa Camino), especially since hubby just replenished my stash, so bring it on. We can meet at my house and you can fill us in on your tale. Actually we find that we don't even need wine and chocolate to get, silliness (?) flowing....a few hours at the beach with the kids out of earshot and wow, you wouldn't believe the turns the conversation can take. Nor would Pierce Brosnan, heh ladies?
Actually though Rebecca I don't think it would take much to convince us of a road trip, we could meet part way. I know some of us could use an Ikea trip. (plus it is so handy to stock up on my chocolate bars at MEC):-)

Samantha said...

Road trip? I'm in! That's if the promise of wine and chocolate (and the help of our knitting guru) don't lure you our way, Rebecca...

ipsa said...


Road Trip!

Hm. Is there a timely time of the year for all of you? September won't fly for me, but perhaps October...