Friday, 14 September 2007

Who Killed the Electric Car?

This is a must-see film. You can click here to see a trailer.This film disturbs me. In so many ways I don't know where to begin. Is it knowing that there is a very good alternative to gas powered cars that has been, not just disregarded, but purposefully sabotaged that bugs me? Is it seeing so many perfectly useful cars destroyed, so much of earth's resources just chipped and crushed that gets under my skin? Is it the idea of how much complete control, not only governments, but high powered corporations have that leaves me stewing? Could it be how ridiculous our society is in their desire for bigger, faster, shinier, newer, more powerful that annoys me? Maybe it is just how appalling it seems to me that we have such clowns controlling our countries, our futures, our children's futures. Or is it just our utter passiveness, the way we just accept these things as though there is nothing that can be done, that makes me so that I can't sleep after seeing something like this? I don't know. All of the above, really.
This film has so much incredible information. It just has you shaking your head and wondering if you could be hearing right, and seeing right, the things before your very eyes. How could these things happen? Why would they happen? Why are people so greedy and short-sighted? Why? Why?

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Unknown said...

I am sure that many, many ideas that would have reduced our dependence on oil have been squashed because it's really not in the interests of the big powerful few to let us get our hands on something that would really work. Conspiracy theorist? You bet!