Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Banana and Marmite sandwich - and knitting

This is the latest sandwich filling to be tested out in my household. Youngest son decided that he was going to combine mashed banana and Marmite. On the basis that "you don't know what it's like until you try it" I let things proceed and hoped it wouldn't end up in the compost bin!

Amazingly he ate it, and here's the proof! --------------->

(For those who haven't heard of it, Marmite is a brown, thick, sticky, salty, savoury yeast extract)

On another subject, here's the Lion Brand Homespun that I bought two days ago - knitted up into a lapwarmer for my aunt in Britain. My mum had suggested that she'd like something to keep her knees warm, but I didn't want to make it TOO big as I have to mail it. This finished up about 22 by 41 inches - I stopped when I reached the end of the first three skeins (I may return the other three for a refund and buy some other yarn today).

Here are the specs - Lion Brand Homespun in Williamsburg, Baroque and Tudor, one skein of each, size 35 (19mm) needles, three strands held together, 30 stitches cast on, broken garter stitch (row 1: knit 3, purl 3; row 2: purl 3, knit 3). I'd guess it took me less than four hours.

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Anonymous said...

My British father-in-law loved Marmite on toast. Let's just say it must be an acquired taste I have not yet acquired! Oddly enough(to me anyway), most Brits find Vegemite disgusting and Aussies call Marmite swill. And I think Kiwis have a 'mite all their own, whose name escapes me. Oh, and Lion Brand Homespun is really the best for shawls and lap robes, it's sooooo soft and washes wonderfully.