Monday, 5 November 2007

Buy Nothing Day

A reminder if you haven't already heard of it - November 23rd is Buy Nothing Day. A day when everyone is being asked to spend no money, buy no crap, think twice about whether they really NEED another Gap T shirt, or pair of Nike runners, or tacky-plastic-house-covered-in-fake-snow for their Christmas display!

Make this a hand-made holiday season!


dutchcomfort said...

I have just learned that November 23rd is the biggest shopping day in the US!! (didn’t know..)
The day after Thanksgiving, well you already celebrated Thanksgiving?

Nicola said...

In Canada, we have Thanksgiving in October. But yes, the day after US Thanksgiving is traditionally the day when everybody seems to start their Christmas shopping!

this is my patch said...

What a great idea, many people are too quick to part with their money these days on items which they really do not need. My favourite weekends are the ones when I just stay at home and potter and spend no money at all!

Louise said...

Thanks Nicola for the information, I was pleased you brought up this subject and I wanted to tell everyone to 'buy nothing just for one day'. I have updated my post accordingly, thanks. Louise x