Saturday, 24 November 2007

Friday night

This is a Friday night tradition in our house. Home-made pizza and a wood fire.

As for Saturday night....well, this is what I was doing this evening.

This afternoon our family was treated to a pantomime at the local theatre. We enjoyed Aladdin's story, complete with lots of booing and hissing at the bad guy, thanks to three lovely seniors who are surrogate grandparents to our children. Afterwards we went out for a snack and then it was home for a late supper.

My husband didn't like the beer I bought for us to share, so I ended up drinking most of the 750ml bottle! He likes a joke, that one! Above is the "ticket" he wrote out for me for being drunk in charge of a knitting machine!


Louise said...

You must have got all your colours mixed up after drinking that huge bottle of beer. I zoomed in on the pizza, you couldn't have got more filling on the top if you tried, it looks lovely. x

Heather said...

So is that a KUI -knitting under the influence? Or maybe a KWI - knitting while impaired or intoxicated?
Tsk, tsk.