Saturday, 10 November 2007

How much do I love the library sale?

This much!!Every year I find books that I really be had for $1. Here is most of what I got this year....all for $7.50. Some of these I will give to to someone else, I already own How Children Learn, but I couldn't leave it sitting there. I figured I would know someone who wants it or I can add it to the books I own that I lend out. I have lending copies of a few books such as Diet For a New America, Living The Good Life by Scott and Helen Nearing, Living, Loving and Learning by Leo Buscaglia (although I think I gave my loaner away) and now The Complete Tightwad Gazette to loan out to anyone interested. I loved the book Affluenza, it is packed full of interesting information. And when I saw The Lion Children I thought it might be the only copy that they had had at the library and so decided to buy it in case it would no longer be available at the library. It is the story of a family of homelearning children and their move from England to Africa, written by the children. It include fantastic pictures and information about working with lions in Africa. The Crinkleroot book was one E picked (50 cents) because he has recently been enjoying Jim Arnosky's books very much, especially his illustrations.


Anonymous said...

I dashed into the sale this morning...what a treasure trove! I found some great children's books and some interesting craft and gardening to find somewhere to put them!! Thanks for the tip Heather.

Anonymous said...

Could I borrow the Peggy O'Mara book sometime? I would love to find a copy of that for myself someday! I also scored some great books at the sale. Such fun to get books at such bargain prices!

Louise said...

I love finding books in charity shops, car-boots etc but I never get around to reading them, I may sometimes get around to looking at the pictures! x

Heather said...

Jacqueline - I was thinking of you when I picked up the Peggy O'mara and also the Natural Child, I enjoyed reading them when my boys were little.
Joanne -Can't wait to hear what books you found, glad that you made it, it is a much-anticipated annual event for a lot of the homelearners here. Where to put them? Build more book shelves!! ;-)