Thursday, 22 November 2007

Lotsa knitting happening around here

S and I have been busy. As soon as my 9 year old saw me playing with the knitting machine the day I brought it home, he wanted to play too. Below are the pieces he has made.

The little scarves and blue bag were made from miscellaneous rectangles he ran up without any pre-planning. The scarves have secret openings in them so he can hide things inside.

This is his planned project - a bag to hold the rest of his knitting! Made from Lion Suede (which was a bit of a bugger to knit - it doesn't flow smoothly enough for the machine - actually, it isn't great for handknitting either)!

This is a hat I made this morning. I had some Mission Falls Cotton lurking in my oddments box so I thought I'd run up a child's hat. This wasn't ideal yarn for the machine either. No stretch. I had to fix a few stitch formation problems along the way. I knitted a rectangle, about 20 by 9 inches, folded it and sewed up the side seam, then sewed across the top. I added braids to the two corners and they can hang free or be tied together to shape the top of the hat more closely to the head.

Don't you think Pooh Bear looks cute?

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this is my patch said...

I have got a ted similar to yours, I shall blog hime sometime. Mine hasn't got a lovely hat like yours has, what a kind mum you are! x