Monday, 19 November 2007

Sooty and Sweep knit

Thought you might like to see this - I saw it yesterday on Susan's blog. You older British folk out there will be familiar with Sooty and Sweep, I'm sure! In these You Tube videos, Sooty, Sweep and Sue have fun knitting and felting. Worth a look. My kids loved it too.

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Louise said...

Hi Nicola, I left watching Sooty and Sweep until today, so I could watch it properly, J really would think I've flipped if he caught me watching it. I can't tell you how many times I have shrunk J's fishing jumpers to toddler size, it is a standing joke with us both! Maybe the tutorial from Matthew Corbett will help me, that jumper without a hole for the head would be one of my creations or that jumper with all the arm holes, I think I shall leave the knitting to the experts like you. Matthew's coloured scarves reminded me of your coloured squares, now I know where you get your ideas from! x