Friday, 14 December 2007

Escape from Affluenza

For years, since reading this book, I have wanted to see this film. When we joined an online DVD service it was the first thing I looked for, they didn't have it in yet so I still haven't seen it but yesterday this sequel to Affluenza arrived in our mailbox. I so enjoyed this film. I wish that it was mandatory for all people to watch this in school before they could graduate. As I was watching it I just kept thinking how inspiring it was to actually see a film about people living and loving a simple life. We have been on the path of simple living for years, I first started really reading and learning about it 12 years ago when I read Your Money or Your Life and then Simple Abundance ( after that I was searching our library for every book with the word 'simple' in the title). I love this way of living and I know that it is absolutely the right path for us. I have never thought of it as a dreary substitute to how the Jones live, in fact, I have always felt kind of sad for the Jones, what with all that running around, working, no time for family, shopping to fill the void. I love how watching this film made me feel, it gives a real feeling of connection, I think. It feels good to know that there are so many other people out there living in a similar way, making similar choices. I think we all long to feel connected, to feel a sense of community, to feel understood and valued for what we believe in. Watching this has reminded me just how important that is, it has reminded me that there are many like-minded individuals, if I am just willing to take the time and make the effort to find them. It also reminded me how much I had enjoyed reading several old favourites, authors like Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin, Wanda Urbanska and Frank Levering, Cecile Andrews, and introduced me to some people that I had not heard of yet but who were very inspiring to see. I plan on asking our library to buy both of these films, I hope they will because they are very worthwhile and very inspiring. And, I hope, if you get the chance to see them, you will let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather! Been there, done that! I already tried to get the ORL to get the videos/DVDs but apparently they are VERY expensive, and the UBCO library has a copy, so they would not do it.
Rebecca :)

Heather said...

Hmmm, that's interesting. Did you ask if they would do an inter-library loan for you? I wonder if they would from UBCO, they will do it from other libraries. I think I will have to ask. I wonder if a bunch of us requested for purchase on it if they would go ahead and buy it? Should we all try at once? :-)

Anonymous said...

I never thought to ask. I just assumed that if it was a possibility they would have done it.
I agree completely that our kids should be required to see this film or read the book before graduation. But then our school systems don't seem to be very big on teaching things that will actually be beneficial to our childrens lives, do they?
So, I'm all for everyone heading down to their neighbourhood branch of the ORL to request these videos. It's for our future generations... :)
Rebecca :)

Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your blog and since I (with co-producer John de Graaf) made the films Affluenza and Escape from Affluenza I thought I'd pop in here and say hello and advise you that most libraries seem to have the films now. Although they are now over ten years old (!), they continue to sell at about the same pace to judge by our royalty payments!

This makes me very happy, because I became medically disabled soon after the films aired on PBS. I should clarify! The fact that people are still viewing the films makes me very happy, not the royalties, although they are always welcome to impoverished public broadcasting employees (smile).

Our distributor is Bullfrog Films, and low-priced home video and DVD copies can also be purchased by them. It is amazing to me how many churches and educational institutions of all levels are purchasing the shows, so here is another avenue to viewing them if you would like to. You could request that your church or school or library purchase it from Bullfrog, or purchase it for them if you would like to make a donation that way. Of course, our purpose in making the film is to encourage people to spend and consume less, so finding an already-available copy would be best in the fight against Affluenza.

I am very pleased to read your comments - it made my day. So long and keep up the good blogging! Vivia Boe, Seattle, WA

Sue said...

HI Heather,
Thanks for the tip. Seems the library has 2 copies and I am 16 in line.Can't wait to see it!Sue