Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Interruption in service!

Well, that's not like us! Three whole days of no posting. I guess we were all too busy with other things over the weekend.

I'd like to borrow another blogger's phrase, stealth knitting! That's what I've been doing the last few days. Last week I started knitting a gift for my youngest son - partly on the machine, partly by hand - and while the machine knitting part was done in one evening, it took me two more evenings and one whole day to do the finishing. Yesterday the housework and just about everything else was neglected while I spent about 6 hours locked in my bedroom so I could get the gift wrapped and placed under the tree. (Photos will have to wait until Friday when the gift will be opened and modelled!)

It's just as well the boys are quite happy to keep themselves busy. Supper was really easy and I made sure they helped to make it.

Sunday night was our ritual watching of Love Actually. Nothing like a girls night to recharge the batteries, enjoy some good food and good company, and compare the merits of Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, Andrew Lincoln, Liam Neeson and Hugh Grant. And hiss at the nasty secretary while crying with Emma Thompson. Thanks, friends, for a wonderful evening.

Today it's snowing again and I have to drive into town to get the wheels on the car aligned. Fun stuff! Thankfully there's a yarn store within walking distance so you know where I'll be while the work is being done.

Looking forward to tomorrow when our homeschool group, Learners Unlimited, gathers at someone's home to make wool angels, gingerbread cookies and sun tree toppers. That promises to be a fun warm way to spend an afternoon so close to winter solstice.

I'll take this opportunity now to wish everyone warmth and light and love this Solstice.

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Louise said...

Hi Nicola, hope you enjoyed your afternoon crafting, I have got tomorrow off work to catch up before the onset of Xmas, things have been a bit frantic around here the last couple of days. I am going to relax in front of the box this evening, there is a new dramatisation of Scrooge starting. Glad you had a good evening with friends, my friend is in love with Andrew Lincoln, he has been in quite a few series over here. Hope you made it safely back from the garage, no snow over here as yet, just a very thick frost and biting easterly wind. Better go now, washing up to do before the start of the programme. x