Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Knitting needle roll

Last night's foray into the land of old jeans resulted in this...

a knitting needle roll.

The denim was once the leg of a pair of jeans. I lined it with plain black fabric and bound the edges with a white on black print.

You can't see the black stitching on the denim, but there are channels of varying widths to hold different sizes of knitting needles.

I just happened to notice a pile of quilt squares that I made months ago, sitting on the shelf, a couple of which incorporated the same fabric, so I used them to brighten up the outside.

Another strip of the same fabric and a tie was born! Another gift off my list.


Felicia said...

Love it! Great way to recycle those jeans :)

this is my patch said...

Honestly Nicola, there is no stopping you! I wonder what wonderful creation you are going to come up with next? I shall look in again soon to see. x