Sunday, 9 December 2007

A little knitting.

In between working on felted clogs I made these two little flowers. I have been wanting to try making some with the idea of somehow joining them together to make a vest front or, perhaps more realistically, a scarf. I have loads of bits of wool left, in all different colours, from all the felted projects that I have been doing and I thought this would be a fun, colourful way of using them up. The problem with this whole knitting thing is that there are always so many interesting things to make, but never enough time to make them. These two little flowers have been passed on to be used by a little girl, perhaps on a hair barrette or a headband.
I also saw this picture on the most recent Lionbrand newsletter and thought it might be fun to make too. Same sort of flower idea but it looks like a double pinwheel flower that has been felted. And you know I love felting.

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