Sunday, 2 December 2007

Slippers for non-sasquatch types

Thought I would post a pic of these slippers again but in an average woman's size, so that you could get an idea of the sizing with felted slippers, Rebecca.
These ones will end up being a woman's size 8, sadly not for me though. I really like this colour combination, it is one that I haven't done before. The soul and cuff are from the new denim colour of Patons classic wool and the main foot colour is Denim marl. Another pair done!


Anonymous said...

Wow are smokin'! Did you do these since Friday???

Anonymous said...

OK -- so they are still HUGE!! Thanks for the clarification. I was worried there for a second that I sounded like a complete air-head. :) Will be waiting to see them when they are done. I have no idea what the process of felting involves, but maybe I will learn someday...
Have a great Sunday!
Rebecca :)