Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Is make-up making you sick?

Take a look at this article in the Telegraph. It confirms what I have known/suspected for some time. Putting this crap on our skin means it's being absorbed into our bodies - and the companies that use those chemicals don't give a f@#$ about our health (in fact, maybe they are being paid by the pharmaceutical companies to make us sick so we take more drugs!).

I no longer use make-up or nail polish (that's one of the most dangerous products) and I am being more careful to read the labels on the shampoo and moisturizer that I use. No parabens or sodium laurel sulphate for me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicola, my "beautician" has just brought in a line of vegan nail polish. SpaRitaul Lacquers are vegan and DBP-free. I agree with you on regular nail polish but haven't had any time to research vegan polish yet. They sure came up with some dandy names for the vegan polish - "Death by Chocolate" (thought you would like that one!), "I feel the Earth Move" "Salt of the Earth" "Home Body" etc. I have not tried them yet so can't offer any opinion there. Your thots on this would be appreciated.

Carol (S's momma)

Nicola said...

I would be interested to know what the ingredients are, though I still wouldn't use it! Painting my nails takes time away from knitting, don't you know. And I always chip it the day after!

Louise said...

Hi Nicola, this is an interesting article, although I have only scanned it, must read through it properly. You are not the first person I have heard saying this, I do wear nail varnish on my toes, but wear very little makeup, I have never been one for plastering on the old foundation. I do notice that a lot of the younger generation are wearing so much foundation, and their young skin would look so much better exposed. I shall check out those chemicals in deodorants etc, I still need to wear something, otherwise I will smell not too good.

Pleased to see the results of your poll, I can't seem to vote in polls, blogger doesn't let me, which is strange, maybe something in my setup. x