Thursday, 17 January 2008


It seems like this local scene, I too have gone into hibernation in regards to posting on Four Friends.
I'm actually still working on ideas and projects, but have been posting those things on my blog, rather than on Four Friends. I thought I would manage to keep posting here even after starting my own blog - with the lofty idea that I would start posting more regularly. Ha ha. It's obvious that it hasn't happened yet. Lucky for me, I have wonderful friends with interesting lives and posts to keep you all reading at this blog. I guess I better start pulling my weight around here, or they'll be looking for a replacement... ;o)


Nicola said...

You just need to learn the skill of waffling on about trivialities!!! Love the photos.

Anonymous said...

What? I'm finally having time to read this blog and now it's multiplying? I should read on but I just want to sit and stare at that peaceful looking outdoor scene and then go back to bed.