Sunday, 6 January 2008

Three hour shrug free knitting pattern

I know you've already seen a photo of this, but I wrote up the pattern for Ev of Strings 'n Things as it was her hand-knitted shrug that was the inspiration for my machine-knitted version. So here's my pattern, which I'll link to in the sidebar for anyone who wants it.

I used three skeins of Red Heart Soft Touch (I think they are 140g each) [worsted weight] on my Bond Classic, Keyplate 2. My gauge was 18 stitches and 25 rows to 4 inches.

Cast on 49 stitches with waste yarn. Knit a few rows, then change to the main yarn. Increase at each side of work every fourth row until there are 99 sts. (100 rows)

Knit straight for 125 rows.

Decrease each side of work on next row and every fourth row thereafter until there are 49 sts. Knit 3 rows even, then knit a few rows with waste yarn.

Remove work from machine. Pick up the live sts at one end with a #7/4.5mm needle, knit 6 rows of garter st for cuff. Repeat other end.

Seam sleeves for 15 inches or whatever fits you best.

(I was thinking of adding a border to the st st edges around the body, but actually the curling seemed to work well at snugging it around the body so I didn't do it.)


Anonymous said...
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ghi-349 said...

Lovely. I will try this one soon with my knitting machine.

DEBBIE said...

Have been searching for a simple project to get me started on my *new* second hand machine. Thanks this seems ideal.

Denny56 said...

Thanks. This pattern is exactly what I've been looking for. Making this tonight.