Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Mom can use a Jigsaw!

Sawdust, glue, power tools and laughter. That's what our afternoon was comprised of yesterday as my sons and I worked with my husband. We got to experience a taste of what a work day is for the bread winner in our family. I am in awe. It's one thing to hear about what your spouse does for a living. It is quite another to be there alongside trying to do it as well. Our previous forays into D's world had the three of us helping in the unwrapping of cabinets, hanging cabinet doors and adding drawer and door pulls to the finished kitchens as you can see in the following photos...

Yesterday, we helped in the construction end of things. We were helping to put together countertops in a multi-unit complex. D had various work stations set up for each us so that we formed a family assembly line.
Our oldest son has helped his dad before and has some experience with the power tools necessary to get the job done, but yesterday pushed his experience into uncharted waters. He now was to use the saw to cut angles into strips of wood that would be the reveal on the front edge of all the countertops. The angles had to be cut properly so that they would match perfectly at the countertop's corners. No gaps allowed! Then glue and use the pneumatic gun to pin the strips to the countertop edges.

Our youngest son was the build-up man. His job required securing the build-up materials to the underside of each counter top. More glue and the pneumatic gun for him to accomplish his task. D actually cut all the pieces that G would need, much to his son's delight. Those big saws are intimidating, dangerous and so noisy. Leave their operation to the expert.

I was given the task of cutting out sink holes in all the countertops for the kitchen and bathrooms in each unit. This was my first time using a jigsaw and provided much entertainment to the boys. Gloves, earmuffs and goggles on... then give 'er go! Sawdust flying I learned how to handle this noisy power tool, but not without some mistakes and definitely without the speed and skill my husband has.

The best part of the experience? Being together working towards a common goal and hearing from my husband that we really helped and that we managed to get more done than he'd thought we would. I know I also left with a better understanding and appreciation of the demands, skills and physicality of my husband's job. I wouldn't trade responsibilities with him even though I look forward to joining him on the job again soon.

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Heather said...

Wow, that sounds like a great day. I think it is so great for kids (and us) to see/know what their Dad does all day.(and vice versa) Nice that you can all do that together. Bet you were glad to get back to your sewing though. :-)