Sunday, 3 February 2008

My head hurts!

The hand-holding mitten is coming along nicely. As you can see, it has two cuffs so that two people can hold hands inside and keep warm! A fun idea.

When this is finished, I'll still have to knit a second ordinary mitten, which will be red with black stripes.

This jacket I'm knitting is giving me some grief! I was starting to wonder whether the back was going to come out too long - it certainly is a couple of inches longer than it should be, however it may be OK and the width is perfect.

However I left the last few rows of the back undone for now as I am not 100% sure that it's not going to be ripped back. That would undo about a week's worth of knitting.

I emailed the designer for some advice, but she hasn't got back to me. I thought that I could maybe knit the sleeve/front in the smaller size, which is ten rows shorter than my size and so would come out about right. However that would mean that the side seam edge will be shorter and then I would almost certainly have to reknit the back, so I am going ahead with the sleeve/left front piece in the size I originally decided on. I think that my front pieces will wrap across more than the pattern intends, because of my row gauge being half a stitch off, but if I knit the smaller size then the sleeve seems a little narrow. Looking at the schematic (I love patterns with schematics) I want the width of the size I originally planned to knit.

Clear as mud, eh!

Of course, all this head-thumping would have been avoided if my gauge had been perfect! Ah well. Once I've knitted the first sleeve/front piece, I'll see how it matches up with the back piece and make sure the measurements are going to work out. Many people on Ravelry have mentioned that the sleeves came out too long for them, so I think I will take that into account when I get to that point.

I have a few inches of the left sleeve done (you'll have to take my word for it as I don't have a photo). I had a very pleasant Sunday afternoon - some knitting on the sofa and a walk in the snow with my husband.

Raw Score:
Friday 54%
Saturday 76%


Katherine said...

Fun idea - hand holding mittens! Hope the jacket troubles smooth out for you... goodness knows I'm no help with knitting conundrums!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your jacket will turn out perfectly. I hope we get to see the finished mittens before they go to their new home.