Thursday, 14 February 2008

Naff* knitting patterns

This is a comment that I left on Interweave Knits' online customer comment form last week:

"I was just looking through my Winter 2007 issue again.
I have a comment to make about two of the sweater patterns - the Bon Bon
Pullover and the Citrus Yoke Pullover. Both of these sweaters have
funnel necks. Now, it always seems to me that funnel necks are a bit of
a cheat - they are a good way to avoid shaping especially if you have a
complex pattern. But they NEVER fit well - you always get that bulge
just below the front neck that looks awful. If you can't get the models
to look good in these sweaters, then I can't see anyone else looking
good in them either. I'd like to see more beautifully designed and
well-fitting garments rather than see you waste your magazine space on
the funnel neck sort of design."

Nothing like a bit of feedback to help them with future issues, eh!

Knitting magazines are a mixed bag...I subscribe to Knitter's and Interweave, and I love getting them in the mail (shame they only come four times a year). They are full of photos of yummy yarns, knitting lessons, articles, patterns - though sometimes the patterns make me think, "Now who would actually WEAR that?" Obviously the designer thinks it's great, and the pattern will have been through a selection process by the editorial staff, and I know everyone has different tastes. But I still raise my eyebrows at some of the styles, especially in Vogue Knitting (you'd definitely have to be a stick-thin young model on the cutting edge of fashion to wear some of those designs).

Anyway, I did receive a reply today:

"Dear Nicola,

Thank you for taking the time to write us with your comments. We
appreciate your feedback.

I will be sure to pass on your suggestions to our editorial staff.

Best regards,

Debbie Blair
Knits Editorial Assistant"

I don't know if my comments will influence future decisions as to what Interweave includes in their magazine, but at least I've given them my opinion.

*Oh yes, if you're wondering what "naff" means, here's a link (I can't believe I found it on Wikipedia)!!!

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