Friday, 8 February 2008


One of the mums in our homeschool support group organised a painting session this week. We painted with tempera paints on canvases. We had to mix our own colours from red, blue, yellow and white. I think that just having the primaries available made us more creative at mixing our own shades.

When I looked at my blank canvas, I wasn't sure what I was going to paint. My ability with a paintbrush is about at a 3 year old level! I started with some pale blue, thinking sky or ocean, and waited to see what developed. I was rather pleased with how this turned out. Youngest son wants this for his wall...

Middle son was obviously on a similar wavelength...

I love that his picture (he says it's a lava dolphin) is so fiery compared to the coolness of mine.

And youngest son's painting is of a Viking longboat, complete with Vikings and a speech bubble that says, "On to shore."

We all enjoyed this quiet, meditative session and I intend to "strew" the art supplies on the dining room table a little more often so that we can paint more.

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